I hate it when… Wednesdays

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First Wednesday in November; so here goes:

I hate it when…

~ People get mad about things that are insignificant and unnecessary.

~ I forget what I wanna write on this Wednesday post. I have ideas throughout the week but by the time it comes time to actually put it together, I have a hard time coming up with 11 “I hate it when’s”.

~ I’m talking to somebody about something and they’re going on and on and after the story has already been long, they say, “To make a long story short…” LOL!

~ I see kids who look like their home life is just terrible. It breaks my heart.

~ People spread rumors; and not just about me, but in general.

~ I have the feeling of being unappreciated in what I do.

~ I feel like I have to justify my actions in certain situations. (Don’t care to elaborate on that one)

~ It seems like I can’t be myself and have a good time for wondering if someone is watching my every move to be able to go back and say they saw me doing this or that. Like why can’t people live their own lives & stop trying to live mine and everyone else’s?!

~ I leave my phone at home when I go to work. Then I rush back home at lunch to get it thinking I may have missed calls and text messages and get it and I have NO phone activity for the entire morning…

~ I get to work and someone is parked in the parking space I usually park in. I don’t want to call it my parking space, since I’m trying to stop “possessing” things that aren’t actually mine.

~ I see a parent with a jacket on because its cool or chilly outside, but their kid has on no jacket or shorts on. Like does that even make sense?

Well I started this one on yesterday, but didn’t quite get finished with it; so here you go with another Wednesday post on a Thursday. It’s almost the weekend, bloggers & blog readers! Have a great one!


I hate it when… Wednesdays


Yes, I’m rather late being that it’s almost midnight; but here it goes:

I hate it when…

~ I swipe my debit card in the store and its declined. I HAVE money in my account!

~ I have to clean up other people’s mess. Especially grown folks!

~ I have to compromise when I really don’t want to.

~ I email someone and don’t get a response back.

~ I need my hair done and am too lazy to really do it or too broke to go get it done.

~ I remember to do something (like call someone) after its too late – b/c they’re closed.

~ I think I have extra money to do something for myself and I remember a necessary bill I have to pay.

~ Someone calls and asks for a number but then has to ask me to wait until they find a pen.

~ People ask questions that they really already know the answers to.

~ Someone talks down to me like I’m an idiot.

~ I have to repeat myself several times.

Simple this week… But that’s all until next week. Hope you all enjoyed getting “over the hump”!

I love it when… Wednesday

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I decided to put a twist on my Wednesday post and change it to “I love it when… Wednesday”! In the words of Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Especially when reading this blog! 😉

I love it when…

~ I have thoughts that just make me smile. Thoughts of people, friends, experiences… I prefer smiling over frowning or crying any day of the week.

~ I’m right. And I don’t even have to say “I told you so”. Just knowing I was right about something when I was deemed ‘wrong’ gives me all the satisfaction I need.

~ I have great moments with my kids. I don’t enjoy the bad times, but I can appreciate them because otherwise I would not cherish the great moments the way I do without the bad times.

~ People see the good in my kids. They’re not perfect, none of us are, but they are really good kids.

~ I can reminisce over great music. That’s why I do the Throwback Thursday. I love music! 

~ I have great conversations with my grandma. She’s my rock! ❤ I appreciate all of our time together. ❤

~ The rain stops and you smell that “after the rain” scent. Its smells so fresh and new.

~ My kids and I laugh together. And when we can laugh at each other.

~ I think about the life I have and how blessed I am to be where I am, and when I think of the awesome people I have in my life.

~ Things work out the way I plan. So often I don’t make plans because of the possibility of having to cancel or change them. But when the ‘mission’ is complete, I’m grateful.

~ Someone confirms my thoughts of them. Whether good or bad, confirmation is good in any sense.

Happy Hump Day bloggers & blog readers!!!

I hate it when… Wednesdays

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Another “I hate it when… Wednesday”, people… Although it’s now Thursday… I was pretty busy all day yesterday and didn’t make time to post. So here it is on a Thursday.

I hate it when…

~ I hear songs on the radio and in every other line words are cut out. If it’s THAT BAD that it can’t be played on the radio, why play it?

~ People drive slow in front of me. Especially when I’m trying to make the green light.

~ I can’t find my keys when I get ready to leave for work in the morning. I know I’ve posted this one before, but it keeps happening and I still hate it!

~ Someone assumes I’m not serious about something because I’m not doing it the way they want me to; or not acting like its my main, number one priority.

~ I get spam comments here on my blog. That’s why I’m glad I have it set up where I can approve or disapprove comments.

~ I get my days mixed up…

~ Someone dies and everyone who knew them tries to come around or talks about them like they were the best person in the world; but they weren’t involved in their lives in no way, shape, form or fashion in the months, even years before they died.

~ People make assumptions about other people without even knowing the slightest truth about that individual.

~ People claim to know me when they don’t! I’ll have to write a separate blog post about that one!

~ Someone gets mad at me over something dumb and insignificant. Like, get over yourself!!

~ I wait til the last minute to do stuff. I know, something personal I need to work hard on, but I will get there eventually!

Happy Hump Day bloggers & blog readers!!!

I hate it when… Wednesdays

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Another “I hate it when… Wednesday”, people…

I hate it when…

~ Someone is in front of me at a red light and they keep inching up while the light is red but when it turns green they sit there. What’s that about?

~ People ask “How are you doing?” In passing, I mean do you really care how I’m doing? What if I stopped you and said, “Well not too good…” and continued to tell you about how I really feel at that particular moment?

~ I’m stopped at a red light and look over at the car next to me and the person in it is staring at me like they know me. Especially if they’re in the passenger seat! What was that song from way back by TLC? “I don’t want no scrub, hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride trying to holler at me…” Uh, no, don’t think so!

~ People answer a question with a question. Just answer the question I asked, please! UGH!

~ Folks act like I don’t know what I’m talking about. (at work specifically) I’ve been doing this job long enough now that I think I have it down.

~ I go to the store and there’s someone in the 20 items or less line with 100 items in their buggy and someone behind them is standing there with like two or three things in their hands. So inconsiderate!

~ I get ready to leave the house in the morning, walk outside, lock the door, only to find that I don’t have my keys to my vehicle. And no, the house keys are not on the same key ring with the van key. And I never put them on the key hook right beside the door, so I have to waste time looking for the keys because of course I don’t remember where I last had em at.

~ People give too much information. Sometimes less is more and not everybody wants to know ALL your business.

~ I read stuff that makes me get upset. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but sometimes people should just keep their comments to themselves. Especially if they’re offensive in nature.

~ TV shows end and leave you hanging… Which I guess that’s the purpose, to get the viewers to watch the next episode to see the actual climax to the scene. So I guess I don’t necessarily hate that one, its just aggravating.

~ Men boast about what they can do sexually or how “good” they are… Its so high school; and what do people need to know all of that for anyway? Back to the TMI above.

Okay ladies and gents, that’s all for today. I hope you have a awesome hump day! We’re one day closer to the weekend. Be safe, be considerate, but most of all, be who you are.



~Written by my brother, Joseph~

The misery portrayed in the portrait of my existence is too much for latent minds to deal with. While I remain dormant with my mental capacity and superficial interpersonally, I am only a permutation of personality. The things that have been done to me, I’ve done, and will do; can by no means be worthily deemed new. So my misery evokes no sympathy on a world, which already witnessed the tumultuous plight of my mundane existence.

Yet when the night falls and the day begins, I rehearse live the script that was for me written. If I were to step outside the lines to attain the highest high, the powers that be would still regard me as nothing to feel threatened by. To proliferate my powers deep into generations to come, would only distort the vigor from whence they come. For an average man’s subjectivity will not allow him to view, the depth nor deceit in a simple yet complex “I Love You.” To dig deep into the past, to feel the pain, which wrought you, is beyond the threshold few volitions go through.

So I continue to be finite in the midst of infinity.

I hate it when… Wednesdays


Here we go with another I hate it when… Wednesday blog post!

I hate it when…

~ I see people post things on facebook that have God and a curse word in the same sentence; I mean could you be any more disrespectful?!

~ People stare at me. It’s just rude!

~ Someone says, “Have you lost weight?”. Uh, no, thank you very much, I have not! When I do, you will notice and won’t have to ask.

~ I go through the drive thru and they don’t give me something I ordered… Like my drink! (True story, just happened yesterday)

~ People who are supposed to be a part of a group just take over everything. Like what are we in this group for if only one person is going to “call the shots” or make decisions? Now I remember why I never liked working in groups in school!

~ Facebook continuously makes changes to the site. I mean, if it’s not broke, quit trying to fix it or make it “better”. We like it fine the way it is… or was.

~ My kids run the water in the bathroom sink while washing their face or brushing their teeth! Seems like every morning I have to yell, “Why are you running that WATERRR??!!!” They know I can’t stand that!

~ People ask me to do something and get mad when I forget… Hey, I’m only human and I do have a thousand other things running through my brain a day, so forgive me if I forget to do something for you that wasn’t on my original to-do list for the day.

~ Folks tell me to smile or cheer up! UGH!! I definitely hate that one! If I walked around all day with a smile on my face people would think I was crazy! But since I have a simple “this is my everyday expression” look on my face, I have to be having a bad day? Uh, no!

~ People ask me how old I am and when I tell them they say “For real? I thought you were older than that!” Really? Well thanks for basically telling me I look old!

~ Folks constantly change their relationship status on facebook. One day they’re in a relationship, the next they’re single, single then in a relationship… Really?! Like just leave it off until you find someone and you’ve been with em at least six solid months and then change your status!! Make sure its real instead of being so wishy-washy. And the people who leave little stupid comments on the status change make it even worse! Smh.

Well… I think that’s plenty for one day. Guess I’ll get myself ready for this work day. One day I’m going to be at a point where I can sit at home all day and do nothing and still make money! I won’t be on welfare, and I don’t play the lotto, so more likely than not it will be when I retire and start drawing my social security! HA!! Have a great hump day, all!

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