Haiku ~ My Future

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I will not dwell on
My past experiences
That does me no good

I cannot rely
On what ifs or the maybes
I have to move on

What will be will be
God alone knows my future
I will not assume

Maybe one day soon
The answers will be made clear
Soon I hope indeed


Haiku ~ Letting Go

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When do you let go

When do you say your good byes

Why is it so hard

No one knows just how

Why when where or what have you

So many unknowns

First you say one thing

Then your actions contradict

What you have first said

How am I to know

That I can rely on you

To remain constant

Constant in your deeds

And not wavering in words

Can I be certain

No one is perfect

We all say and do some things

Without first thinking

That makes us human

But we have to remember

Life will still go on

Times are still changing

You cannot remain the same

Stuck in your old ways

Forgive and forget

Dwell not on what has happend

Look towards the future

Will I be around

Or will you push me away

Will I have let go

Or will you let go

Of the things you cannot change

And try to move on

Sure you are sorry

Now for the things that you said

They have left my mind

See holding grudges

Is not something that I do

To live and let live

That is my mantra

Forgive to be forgiven

Are you letting go

Haiku ~ What It Is

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It is what it is

But what is it exactly

To the naked eye


More than what you see

Or more of what you do not

Who alone can tell



Running wild with these unknowns

Who knows what it is



Of what it could really be

Are almost endless


What it is to me

Is something different to you

Which view is correct


Neither view is wrong

With differing opinions

It is what it is

More Random Haiku Poems

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You told me one thing

Said similar things to her

Your mouth tells no truths


Reach under my shirt

Move your hand left no back right

Yes now scratch right there



Challenges await us both

We will overcome


U.S. Presidents

Through much talk make promises

Some they cannot keep


Fair and impartial

Are words unknown to many

But bias they know


Thoughts may come to me

In the middle of the night

I must write them down


Fairy tale wishes

Those hardly ever come true

Real dreams can and will


You are just someone

Who played a part in my past

This is the present


Seems my misery

Is now a laughing matter

But I shall laugh last


Clouds rain and thunder

Right outside of my window

Messing with my thoughts


Some do not believe

The essence of true beauty

Comes from deep within


At times I struggle

In finding the words to say

I remain silent


We all have a voice

But not all of us use it

Thus remain unheard


The lifestyle changes

Needed to improve myself

I am determined


We have both agreed

To be honest and faithful

But you lie and cheat

Randomness ~ Haiku

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Comes in many different forms

In minds of children


The nature of man

Strangely ends relationships

Ex as in past tense



Knocks and sometimes we answer

Others we ignore


Shuffling papers

Back and forth across my desk

So unorganized


When you find purpose

In a passion once hidden

You feel elated


You were lost now found

Nothing gets better than this

Brand new beginnings


What seems quite easy

Can sometimes be rather hard

Unlike perspectives


In thunder and rain

Winds blow lightning flashes

Get out the flash light


No rhythm or rhyme

No sequence to this madness

An understatement



Cause confusion and problems

Try to comprehend



Is having many aspects

Or abilities


Alone in the dark

I hide within the shadows

Too soon forgotten


Feel this fear arise

Sense within your inner self

Melancholy mood


A new atmosphere

The dust has somewhat settled

Comforting solace


What we were before

We can never be again

Too much has happened


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My friend lost his dad

His mother lost her husband

A  sad day indeed

Hurtful words were said

Just days before tragedy

No one could have known

Though wrongs were made right

No bitterness between them

His conscience is clear

Like father like son

They could not stay mad for long

No bods were broken

He lived many years

He is in a better place

To suffer no more

Parental Insight

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I sometimes wonder

Just what my life would be like

Without three children

I could have become

Any one of my dreams

That I once hoped for

Became a parent

Before I was quite ready

Had to sacrifice

Gave up school dances

Many of my childhood friends

Life as I knew it

With a new outlook

As mother to a baby

I did not plan for

While stressful at times

I make the best of this life

What else can I do

I cannot give up

They did not ask to be here

Those choices I made

I have not been dealt

A hand with an easy win

I play my cards right

While full of unknowns

Parenting is quite a task

One that I embrace

I love my babies

I know that they are just kids

They will get better

I must continue

To magnify the positives

In all that they do

I must also strive

For guidance and patience too

When I feel torn down

I had that someone

Who never gave up on me

And now I have them

So I will be there

For whenever they should call

Cause I am their mom

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