What Do I Want For My Children?

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I want my children to be successful

And to always know that I love them dearly.

I want them to have dignity and purpose,

For them to hold their heads high and speak clearly.


To never mumble when speaking to someone

But look a person in the eye so that they know

You are serious and should be taken seriously

And accept criticism so there is room to grow.


To never be too selfish or even too kind

People sometimes mistake that for weakness

But don’t be too overbearing either

Remain humble and display tender meekness.


I want them to show respect to everyone

Whether another child or someone who’s old

Never be rude or mean without reason

To have a warm heart, not one that’s cold.


To give willingly whenever they are able to

To always lend a helping hand to someone in need

Remembering that it’s what Jesus would want them to do

To not be followers but to take a responsible lead.


I want for my children the world and so much more

For them to set goals and work hard to achieve them

To never boast, but to be modest and less proud

But to sometimes take chances and go out on a limb.


There will be times when they will be let down or disappointed

But I want them to understand that’s all a part of life

There will be happiness, joy, triumphs and victories

But also sorrow, heartache, pain, misery and strife.


Sometimes the good will outweigh the bad, sometimes not

At times they will feel like they are all alone with no one

But I pray they believe their mama will always be there

I’ll be just a phone call away, and to me they can always run.


So what all do I really want for my children?

Life, health, strength, creativity, success, power

But mostly I want them to know the Lord Jesus Christ

And that they can call on Him no matter the hour.


I want them to know that He has the power to do all things

And that He will come back one day, or maybe one night

I can’t tell them when that will be or where I will be

Only that the time is now for us all to get our lives right.


And not to call on Him only when they are in trouble

But to thank Him daily for the many blessings He gives

To tell others about Him and share his Holy Word

And make sure they know that yes, He still lives.


My children are my everything, my sun and my stars

They bring out the sunshine on my most cloudy day

I hope they know that even when I’m mad, I still love them

No matter the distance between us, in my heart they will always stay.



Familiar Quote


The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. ~Charles DuBois~

I believe my first time hearing this quote was at the end of a Criminal Minds episode by Agent Hotchner. I thought it was catchy and I thought it made sense. I wrote a note about what I thought it meant on my facebook page a few weeks back, but I wanted to take a different approach to it. I talked about how I sacrificed my childhood to be a teenage mother. But that was a long time ago and I’ve come a long way since then. For the purpose of this post, I want to talk about my future as opposed to my past.

So who am I, really? Today, at 29 years old, I am a mother, a sister, a niece, a daughter, a granddaughter, an aunt, a godmother, a coworker, an employee and a friend. I feel that I am loyal to those close to me. I make people laugh, I’m a listener and confidant. I will soon be a student again working toward completing my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. People have made sacrifices for me my entire life. My grandmother in particular. She sacrificed what she was and what she could become for me and my twin brother.

The Many Faces of Me

My ultimate goal is to be successful in life and to be the type of parent my children can be proud of. I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far if I must say so myself. I don’t want to give up on school because it is most important to me since I have come so far already. The few minor setbacks are just that, setbacks. They aren’t going to stop me from pushing forward and earning my degree. Once I get my Associates Degree, I plan to continue and work on my 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management.

So what are you striving for in your life right now, at this moment? And will you push through until you get where you want to be?