Haiku ~ My Future

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I will not dwell on
My past experiences
That does me no good

I cannot rely
On what ifs or the maybes
I have to move on

What will be will be
God alone knows my future
I will not assume

Maybe one day soon
The answers will be made clear
Soon I hope indeed


Controversy in This World in Which We Live

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Trayvon Martin. He is the topic of much controversy, and has been since his death in February of last year (2012). I don’t want to dwell on any of the particulars of the case in and of itself in this post. What I do want to do is make a plea to all those disgruntled, angered, appalled, devastated, and heart-broken individuals… Don’t let the George Zimmermans and Casey Anthonys of this world turn you into a bitter and angry person who distrusts the legal/judicial system and bad mouths it for everything you feel it did wrong or let slip through the cracks. We have become a nation of more talkers and less doers. The days of old when people like Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and countless others are long gone. Those individuals saw a need for change and they made strides to exact those changes. Many of them died fighting for a cause they believed in. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to sacrifice? Your time, your resources (money), your energy, your blood, sweat, and tears, and possibly your life?! If not, don’t talk about it.

YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE. If the extent of what you can and will do does not extend beyond rants on social media web pages, don’t bother. Because until we as a people come together and make the necessary changes within our own families, our own neighborhoods, our own church groups, our own work places, our own lives and the lives of our children who will be our future, there will always be Trayvon Martins. There will always be hate. There will always be discrimination and racism. There will always be those who are acquitted wrongly and those who are convicted wrongly. Talking about it does not change it. Trayvon Martin is just one in thousands of children who lost their lives to senseless violence. But where are the headlines of the others? I’m not trying to diminish the severity of what happened to Trayvon Martin, but I’m just stating what’s real. After 9/11 the U.S. became a more prayerful nation. A time when we lost many lives and endless hope. But again, YOU HAVE TO BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE! My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family. I would not want to be in their shoes… No one would. But at the same time, I am but one person, one voice. Alone, I can do very little. But together, we can all make a difference. I will end this post with a prayer that I’m sure many of us know well (the full prayer)…


Guest Post: 5 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Ex Was Not As Great As You Think

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Great post! A lot of good points made…

Guest Post: 5 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Ex Was Not As Great As You Think.

Love America? Thank an Immigrant.


Read this blog post below and it was so, so very true! While it is only wishful thinking, I hope our nation can get better at accepting others who are different. None of us are the same; we weren’t meant to be. The diversity of our country is what adds to its significance, authority, and power. Check out this post and I think you shall agree.

Love America? Thank an Immigrant..

Haiku ~ Loss

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Tears stream down my face
Thinking of the love we shared
Priceless memories

Never said good-bye
Time ran out far too quickly
Words left unspoken

I think of your face
Your smile and the laugh you had
Brightened my dark days

This does not feel real
I feel like I am dreaming
But cannot wake up

I lost my best friend
Disbelief dismay and more
Many emotions

Those who knew you well
Are filled with grief and sadness
Especially me

I needed you more
Than you ever needed me
We had each other

Overwhelming fear
Is what has come upon me
Of what to do now

To live without you
When I never thought I would
I just want you back

But I dry these tears
I smile and I remember
So many good times

You would not want me
To be drowning in my tears
Feeling such heartache

I miss you so much
You are not here in the flesh
But your spirit lives

You are in my heart
You will always be right there
Never forgotten

I have to let go
Though I will be sad sometimes

I will end with this
My love for you will not fade
We will meet again

It may not be soon
Maybe in another life
No one knows for sure

I will not forget
You brought meaning to my life
Endless gratitude

Haiku ~ Letting Go

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When do you let go

When do you say your good byes

Why is it so hard

No one knows just how

Why when where or what have you

So many unknowns

First you say one thing

Then your actions contradict

What you have first said

How am I to know

That I can rely on you

To remain constant

Constant in your deeds

And not wavering in words

Can I be certain

No one is perfect

We all say and do some things

Without first thinking

That makes us human

But we have to remember

Life will still go on

Times are still changing

You cannot remain the same

Stuck in your old ways

Forgive and forget

Dwell not on what has happend

Look towards the future

Will I be around

Or will you push me away

Will I have let go

Or will you let go

Of the things you cannot change

And try to move on

Sure you are sorry

Now for the things that you said

They have left my mind

See holding grudges

Is not something that I do

To live and let live

That is my mantra

Forgive to be forgiven

Are you letting go

Haiku ~ What It Is

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It is what it is

But what is it exactly

To the naked eye


More than what you see

Or more of what you do not

Who alone can tell



Running wild with these unknowns

Who knows what it is



Of what it could really be

Are almost endless


What it is to me

Is something different to you

Which view is correct


Neither view is wrong

With differing opinions

It is what it is

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