When do you let go

When do you say your good byes

Why is it so hard

No one knows just how

Why when where or what have you

So many unknowns

First you say one thing

Then your actions contradict

What you have first said

How am I to know

That I can rely on you

To remain constant

Constant in your deeds

And not wavering in words

Can I be certain

No one is perfect

We all say and do some things

Without first thinking

That makes us human

But we have to remember

Life will still go on

Times are still changing

You cannot remain the same

Stuck in your old ways

Forgive and forget

Dwell not on what has happend

Look towards the future

Will I be around

Or will you push me away

Will I have let go

Or will you let go

Of the things you cannot change

And try to move on

Sure you are sorry

Now for the things that you said

They have left my mind

See holding grudges

Is not something that I do

To live and let live

That is my mantra

Forgive to be forgiven

Are you letting go