IMG_0599.1<<<<This guy… 🙂 Where do I begin? There is so much I could say about him and so much I want to say; but I’ll keep it short(ish). He’s perfectly imperfect. He’s a good listener, a good advice giver, very humble, modest, and respectable. I cherish our friendship. Even though we haven’t been friends since childhood or anything like that, the three years we have known each other have been very fruitful for me. I respect his knowledge and wisdom; his ability to put things into perspective in a way that makes me look at them differently. He’s a wordsmith. His intellect reaches far beyond that of most men I know. He takes time to analyze a situation before he makes a decision one way or another. He loves his family. He shares a very close bond with his mom which I admire. She’s a wonderful woman who is strong and caring and compassionate. I know that he turned out to be such a great man because of his mom. He has helped me through so many different situations it’s not even funny! And I’m not exaggerating… When I have had something on my mind and I wasn’t sure who to talk to about it, I could turn to him and he would know just what to say. I like to think that I’ve helped him to see a different perspective in a few situations as well…

John [Skywalker] is a talented writer and artist (musical). I believe that once the right people hear his music, he is going to make it big. He has a different kind of sound from most hip-hop artists you hear on the radio. There is a lot of meaning behind his lyrics. His sound is unique and I enjoy hearing new music from him; I enjoy listening to his “old” music as well. I had the privilege of helping him with his first mixtape to include the cover design and promoting it to the point where I even got one of his songs played on one of the local radio stations. It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it! He’s now on a new venture in his life and I am hopeful that everything works out the way he plans. I see really big things happening in his life in the near future and I feel rather honored that I have come to know him as well as I do. He always tells me that I only know one side of him; the side he only shows to his family is much different than the side he shows to everyone else… But I’m content with what I do know about him.

I could say so much more, but again, I will keep it short and sweet. I admire John’s ambition and his courage. I even have a great respect for his need for privacy and oneness with himself and his thoughts. There have been plenty of times when I would reach out to him and he’d relay back to me that he was in “hermit” mode… I understood completely and left him to his thoughts, space, and time. He’s not usually one to initiate contact or communication, but that’s okay with me. He does so when necessary. John is a great friend to me, my best friend (male); I believe my only male best friend since Willis (my childhood male best friend). Sometimes as people grow older, they grow apart. They lose touch and tend to forget about the friends of old… I pray that doesn’t happen with John and me. I truly hope that we can remain friends for a long time to come; even if there are miles and miles between us. He means just that much to me.