Toni Braxton’s Song Let It Flow sums up my situation quite nicely… The truth in her music is so real…

First thing Monday morning
It was a Monday afternoon when I decided I needed to end things.
I’m gonna pick my tears away
I was done crying about it (or so I thought). I wanted it to be over for good.
Got no cause to look back
I had no reason to look back because as the next line says…
I’m lookin’ for me a better day
I wanted better for myself. I deserved better.
You see the thing ’bout love
No doubt in my mind that I loved him.
Is that it’s not enough
But love really was not enough at that point in our relationship.
If the only thing it brings you is pain
And because I couldn’t have more, that love did bring me great pain.
There comes a time when we could all make a change, darlin’.
It was way past time for me to have made this change. So I did what I had to do.

Don’t nobody want no broken heart
We always felt like we weren’t hurting anybody… But we were only lying to ourselves.
And don’t nobody want no two time losers
I want someone who’s going to be faithful and true at all times, no matter what.
Ain’t nobody gonna love you like you are
I couldn’t possibly expect someone new to love me with the “baggage” I was carrying around.
If you take whatever he brings your way
I did just that. Whatever he had to give, I took it…willingly, with no objections.
You see the thing of it
There’s always that something…
Is we deserve respect
And I do deserve to be respected.
But we can’t demand respect without change
But really, I couldn’t demand respect with the current situation…I had to make some changes.
There comes a time when we must go our own way.
I knew my time had come. I had to break away and go my own way and do my own thing.

Sometimes love it can work out right
This wasn’t one of those times.
Sometimes you’ll never know
I didn’t know for a long time, but then again, I knew all along it wasn’t right.
But if it brings only pain in your life
Pain wasn’t the only thing it brought, but it was there.
Don’t be afraid to let it go.
I was afraid for so long. But not anymore…I let go of the lie that was us and decided that for me, I wanted to start living some truth. I deserve that. So does he…