Have you ever encountered the types of people who always think they’re right? How about those who want something for nothing? Or even those types of individuals who feel entitled to any and everything because they are who they are? And lastly, those who are confrontational and argumentative just for the sake of being so… Well I want to elaborate on “those” types of individuals in this post.

First type: “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

This first type is somewhat arrogant and they like to feel as though they know everything and the ones around them know nothing at all. When you try to explain a situation to them in terms they should understand, they try to twist your words and make you re-think what it is you’ve said, and sometimes they’ll have you second guessing your point of view, even when you are right. They feel justified in their point of view even when deep down, they know they are flat out wrong. These are the types of people you always want to have proper documentation to back up what it is you have said so that you can put it in front of them in black and white for literal comprehension.

Second type: “I want something for nothing.”

Even though these types don’t come right out and say they want something for nothing, they always have a way of at least trying to get what they do not rightfully deserve nor did they work for to earn. If you give this type of person an inch, so to speak, they want a mile, when really, they barely earned the inch to begin with. These are the types who also do the bare minimum and expect to be praised and applauded for, yet again, doing nothing. When you put this type of person in their place and explain to them that what they did actually did not measure up to the level of recognition or compensation that they expect, sometimes they humble down and leave the situation alone. And other times, these types will wait until you turn your back, thinking the matter has been resolved, and elevate the matter into a whole other situation altogether.

Third type: “I’m entitled to (this or that) because I’m black.”

Being an African American, I know these types all too well. For some reason or another, a lot of African Americans nowadays have this false sense of entitlement, like someone owes them something. And its as though if they don’t get what they feel they are entitled to, they want to make a big fuss over it. No one, black, white, or otherwise, should feel that they should get something just because of their skin color. Not everything is about black and white, discrimination and racism. Sometimes things don’t go your way just because they weren’t supposed to. And quite frankly, I think that anyone who has this false sense of entitlement is a damn fool! And yes, that is only my opinion.

Last type: “Argumentative, who me? I am not!”

We certainly know these types. They say they aren’t the confrontational and argumentative types, but that’s exactly who they portray themselves to be whenever conflict arises. They aren’t the types to back down from their position no matter what the situation. If you decide you don’t want to continue discussing whatever the issue is, they will continue to argue their point just so that they can get the last word in. They also like to jump to conclusions before the person speaking with them can relay their entire thought. Its as though they thrive off of drama, calamity, and confusion. If there is nothing going on around them that emits any of these three previously mentioned terms, they will create it themselves. Nothing satisfies them and they seem to walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder; ready to fling it at anyone who even looks at them (in what they perceive as) the wrong way.

For the sake of giving these four types of individuals the benefit of the doubt, quite possibly, some of them may have gone through some rough times in their lives that led them to be the way they are. But not everyone on the receiving end of the attitudes of these people deserve to be subjected to their type of behavior. Everyone has a bad day now and then, everyone has problems and issues in their lives which may warrant the occasional attitude or rude comment. But there is a time and a place for everything. When these attitudes are out of place and at the wrong time, it’s possible that someone could end up getting hurt, whether it be physically or emotionally. Hey, I’m just sayin’.

Until next time my lovelies!! :-* Muah!!