Comes in many different forms

In minds of children


The nature of man

Strangely ends relationships

Ex as in past tense



Knocks and sometimes we answer

Others we ignore


Shuffling papers

Back and forth across my desk

So unorganized


When you find purpose

In a passion once hidden

You feel elated


You were lost now found

Nothing gets better than this

Brand new beginnings


What seems quite easy

Can sometimes be rather hard

Unlike perspectives


In thunder and rain

Winds blow lightning flashes

Get out the flash light


No rhythm or rhyme

No sequence to this madness

An understatement



Cause confusion and problems

Try to comprehend



Is having many aspects

Or abilities


Alone in the dark

I hide within the shadows

Too soon forgotten


Feel this fear arise

Sense within your inner self

Melancholy mood


A new atmosphere

The dust has somewhat settled

Comforting solace


What we were before

We can never be again

Too much has happened