You told me one thing

Said similar things to her

Your mouth tells no truths


Reach under my shirt

Move your hand left no back right

Yes now scratch right there



Challenges await us both

We will overcome


U.S. Presidents

Through much talk make promises

Some they cannot keep


Fair and impartial

Are words unknown to many

But bias they know


Thoughts may come to me

In the middle of the night

I must write them down


Fairy tale wishes

Those hardly ever come true

Real dreams can and will


You are just someone

Who played a part in my past

This is the present


Seems my misery

Is now a laughing matter

But I shall laugh last


Clouds rain and thunder

Right outside of my window

Messing with my thoughts


Some do not believe

The essence of true beauty

Comes from deep within


At times I struggle

In finding the words to say

I remain silent


We all have a voice

But not all of us use it

Thus remain unheard


The lifestyle changes

Needed to improve myself

I am determined


We have both agreed

To be honest and faithful

But you lie and cheat