I sometimes wonder

Just what my life would be like

Without three children

I could have become

Any one of my dreams

That I once hoped for

Became a parent

Before I was quite ready

Had to sacrifice

Gave up school dances

Many of my childhood friends

Life as I knew it

With a new outlook

As mother to a baby

I did not plan for

While stressful at times

I make the best of this life

What else can I do

I cannot give up

They did not ask to be here

Those choices I made

I have not been dealt

A hand with an easy win

I play my cards right

While full of unknowns

Parenting is quite a task

One that I embrace

I love my babies

I know that they are just kids

They will get better

I must continue

To magnify the positives

In all that they do

I must also strive

For guidance and patience too

When I feel torn down

I had that someone

Who never gave up on me

And now I have them

So I will be there

For whenever they should call

Cause I am their mom