No time for nonsense

Lies betrayal foolishness

I am done with you


For my feelings you have none

Pack your bags and leave

The names you call me

I will be those and much more

Just keep on walking

Talk your trash elsewhere

I have heard it all before

It ends here and now

The realization

Of the truth behind the lies

Came late though in time

You never wanted

Me for my brains or beauty

Both were overlooked

I made it easy

For you to use my body

For your own pleasures

Though I enjoyed too

Every minute it lasted

That I will admit

Yes I played my part

Satisfaction guarenteed

We both were well pleased

Though temporary

All good things come to an end

That is what they say

The end has now come

Because I have nothing else

That I care to give

A time in my life

Where many lessons were learned

Few I will forget

So follow your heart

Where ever it may lead you

Far away from me

I may be bitter

I may not speak in the streets

But you will know why

You will remember

When you treated me so bad

No hesitation

You too will wonder

About the new man with me

Then comes jealousy

You did not know how

To be the man I needed

But he surely does

Queen of his castle

Sitting high on a throne

I am royalty

I look back and see

The choices I made with you

Were preparing me

For the next chapter

In this book I call my life

Written not yet read

I have no regrets

Tears and heart aches included

I give nothing back

Without the turmoil

I could never know true peace

Then where would I be

So in conclusion

The one thing left to say is

You taught me quite well

What it is I need

And exactly what I want

Though neither is you

So long and farewell

Love no longer resides here

At least not for you