Be real general

Not a word of specifics

Keep your business yours

Some people mean you

A whole lot more harm than good

They seek misery

It is best to stay

Away from those whom you know

Are trouble makers

They will talk with you

In your face about others

Then talk about you

The jealous hearted

Will kick you when you are down

Frown when you are up

What is used to feed

Those mouths of lies and deceit

A long handled spoon

Keep them out your face

And your personal affairs

Or hear them elsewhere

From people they told

With their version of events

To make it juicy

They spread such rumors

That are none of their business

To go run and tell

They call themselves friend

When they know not the meaning

Of the word itself

But these back stabbers

Will soon have nothing to say

They will be exposed


Who will pay close attention

See through the fa├žade

In time they reveal

Their true selves and character

As untrustworthy