When you ignore me
I should dismiss it and chill
And not be upset

I do it to you
And give you my butt to kiss
I am the one wrong

Then you ask me why
I am acting so funny
Got an attitude

You make promises
With no intent to keep them
Stringing me along

I fall every time
Victim to your misleading
Succumb to your lies

What am I doing
I am not this desperate
I can do better

I am good looking
Intelligent resourceful
Destined for greatness

You do not deserve
The woman I have become
Get on my level

When you do grow up
And put away childish games
Maybe we can talk

But wait then again
I will not sit by idled
I am moving on

There are other men
Who would appreciate me
Treat me with respect

You took for granted
The woman I was to you
Seasons have now changed