The nature of man

Just what is it about them

That gives them the right


The right to treat us

As though we belong to them

We are not equal


No not in their eyes

They treat us inferior

We always submit


What they want we give

Pushing aside our needs

As unimportant


Men and their requests

Their demands they force on us

Soon we grow tired


We want a pardon

To be freed from their stronghold

We are women first


Not their maids or slaves

To wait on them hand and foot

With no gratitude


Man and his nature

Of getting his needs met first

Those days are over


No more late night calls

Asking what I am wearing

None of your business


If you were concerned

You would be here by my side

And then you would know


Nothing specific

Caused me to write this today

Other than a man


Who I once saw as

Essential in my love life

He could not see me


I was an option

Because that was his nature

To treat me that way


And not only me

But others he strung along

We all thought the same


That we were the one

He was true and faithful to

What a bunch of bull


He cannot be true

To a woman or himself

It is his nature


No respect of self

Most certainly none for me

I want to be done


Living in this way

Is not for a good woman

This is not for me


Treat me decently

With dignity and respect

Or else we are through


This nature of man

Will cause him to lose great things

Love and faithfulness


Women desire

Affection passion and trust

From a man she loves


One man may see trash

Where another sees treasure

Act accordingly