Well, 2012 started out differently than any other year has over the past few for me. I was not in church at midnight praying and thanking God for another new year. I was with a friend and her family having a good time. Just some good old wholesome fun, and yes a bit of alcohol was involved, but we were on our best behavior. The children were present after all. I am really looking forward to seeing what this year will bring for me and my family.

I’ve been listening constantly over the past week or so to a song by Maurette Brown Clark titled “It Ain’t Over”. It really moves my spirit. Through that song I feel God is speaking to me to say that although I’ve been going through some issues in my situation, it ain’t over for me… Not just yet. If you’ve not heard it before you can hear it below. I just have to keep fasting, keep praying, and keep trusting that God has it under control and it’s not over until He says its over…

Happy New Year!

~What God has for me is for me and I will get it in His time.~