Christmas is one of my most favorite times of the year. Since I’ve gotten into a bit of photography, I’ve had fun experimenting with different greeting cards for Christmas. One you can see here I did for my daughter’s teacher. I did a different one for the other teacher she has since she has two. I have a photography blog that I don’t update too often, but after the first part of the year I plan to devote more time to updating the blog with the photos I take. Here are a few from some recent ‘photo shoots’ I’ve done:

Me and the three loves of my life.

My big man! (Isaiah)

My big little lady! (Rhiyana aka Liah)

My baby girl! (Amira)

My best friend, Tiffany and her boys.

Jay'Den & Jar'Dae

Sweet Ja'Brael! (My Godson)

Big brother & little brother!

Middle brother Jay'Den.

I wonder what's in the box??!


"Get me out of here", he says! 🙂

What joyous gifts they are!