Every Friday we know this acronym is used by just about everyone!! In the sense of “Thank God It’s Friday”. Well a few months ago a facebook friend posted it as (T)hank (G)od (I)’m (F)abulous. I thought it was quite original… For whoever first thought to use the phrase. But today, I thank God that I’m fabulous! In life we have so much going on all of the time. If it’s not one thing, it’s another; isn’t that such a clichĂ© statement? Ha!! But in all seriousness, its true. We have ups, we have downs, we have times where we feel like we’ve been hit by a semi-truck, and others where we’re elated and overjoyed because of awesome things happening in our lives. But that’s what life is about. You have to take the good with the bad (and the ugly).

I’m not perfect. I don’t have a fancy house, or drive an expensive car. I feel like I live a very modest lifestyle. I don’t buy flashy jewelry, or get my hair and nails done every week or every two weeks; but when I want to pamper myself, I do so. And I deserve to do something for myself every once in a while. I work hard, I see about my children and make sure they’re growing well and doing the things they’re supposed to be doing – most of the time… But I want to stress the need for self-love. My friend John had to school me a little on the subject, so I’m just putting it to use here in this blog post. Before we can give love to anyone, we must love ourselves first and foremost. Even before we can love our own children, we have to know how to love ourselves. It’s imperative that individually, you know what it is that makes you happy first. Then once you know that piece of information, you can give of yourself, what you will, to others. We also have to stop doubting ourselves so much. I’m guilty of it myself.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life we sometimes forget to thank God for the little things. Another facebook posting I saw not long ago said something about if we woke up today with what we thanked God for yesterday, a lot of us would wake up with nothing. Which is so true! I don’t write anything that I don’t try to apply to my own life, so don’t think I’m just writing this for YOU because it’s probably more for me than anyone who will take the time to read this. We should thank God daily for what he does and for who he is in our lives. Stop always asking and just say thank you sometimes. Whether things are going good or bad, just thank Him. If it were not for the hard times we go through in life, how would we know when we were experiencing good times? If it weren’t for sorrow, how would we know joy? If it weren’t for the failures in life, how would we know to celebrate the triumphs? We’re human. It’s normal to complain when your situation isn’t how you think it should be. But we should be glad in it all and overall we should always LOVE SELF FIRST!

Thank God for being you, because today, I’m going to thank Him simply because I’m fabulous! Everyday that I wake up alive and well is a good day! Have a fabulous Friday fellow bloggers & my blog readers!!