First Wednesday in November; so here goes:

I hate it when…

~ People get mad about things that are insignificant and unnecessary.

~ I forget what I wanna write on this Wednesday post. I have ideas throughout the week but by the time it comes time to actually put it together, I have a hard time coming up with 11 “I hate it when’s”.

~ I’m talking to somebody about something and they’re going on and on and after the story has already been long, they say, “To make a long story short…” LOL!

~ I see kids who look like their home life is just terrible. It breaks my heart.

~ People spread rumors; and not just about me, but in general.

~ I have the feeling of being unappreciated in what I do.

~ I feel like I have to justify my actions in certain situations. (Don’t care to elaborate on that one)

~ It seems like I can’t be myself and have a good time for wondering if someone is watching my every move to be able to go back and say they saw me doing this or that. Like why can’t people live their own lives & stop trying to live mine and everyone else’s?!

~ I leave my phone at home when I go to work. Then I rush back home at lunch to get it thinking I may have missed calls and text messages and get it and I have NO phone activity for the entire morning…

~ I get to work and someone is parked in the parking space I usually park in. I don’t want to call it my parking space, since I’m trying to stop “possessing” things that aren’t actually mine.

~ I see a parent with a jacket on because its cool or chilly outside, but their kid has on no jacket or shorts on. Like does that even make sense?

Well I started this one on yesterday, but didn’t quite get finished with it; so here you go with another Wednesday post on a Thursday. It’s almost the weekend, bloggers & blog readers! Have a great one!