Well fellow bloggers and blog readers… Its Friday! I’m off from work today and have a lot to accomplish today. I just wanna put it out there that although I have “fabulous” in front of Friday for the purpose of this post, I want to stress that everyday is and should be fabulous! Let me out line the reasons today is fabulous:

I’ve never really been one to believe in superstitions or the supernatural… Not a whole lot anyways. I like to consider myself to be a very open-minded individual so I don’t completely shut out any ideas as impossible. I said all that to say this, I do believe in miracles. One happened to me just today. I hear the Pastor at the church I am a member of say a lot that when something good happens to you, you should share it with others. What better audience but the world-wide web to share my own true life miracle with? And that miracle is simple yet one I can sometimes take for granted because it’s happened to me everyday, actually for the past twenty-nine years, six months, and eighteen days… I woke up! Now ain’t that something! Just waking up in the morning is a miracle and a blessing because there are some people who didn’t wake up today, or yesterday, and some who won’t wake up on tomorrow. That in itself makes today wonderfully fabulous indeed! Now for the remainder of my outline for today’s fabulous-ness.

  • My children all woke up in their right mind with the full functionality of all their limbs.
  • My grandmother called me to ask if I was up, which let me know she was alive and well.
  • I had electricity in my house, running water, and it wasn’t too hot or too cold which let me know my central heating and air was functioning properly.
  • I was able to talk with my son about some problems he was having at school which I hope to deal with and get resolved today.
  • I’m off from work! Which means I have a job that allows for paid vacation days which is AWESOME! I know not everyone is as fortunate to have that type of job.
  • I have money in my bank account which means I’m not in the red… Which I can sometimes be.
  • I get to pamper myself a little by getting a much-needed pedicure, and a new hair do…
  • I am able to go support our High School football team in Coffee County this evening. To do that I must have a reliable form of transportation, which I do.
  • I have great friends who I love dearly and appreciate daily!
  • Life is just GOOD!

Without all the other ‘key’ points of this blog post, just the fact that I’m still alive and well in my sound mind, makes today and everyday that I’m alive and well in my sound mind a WONDERFULLY FABULOUS day!!

Enjoy your Friday, my friends. 🙂