Ok, I’m going to take it way back today… Some old school love songs for y’all!

The first time I heard this song I was IN LOVE!! Greatest love song of all time! Lenny Williams, Cause I Love You ~ Classic ~

Fire & Desire!! Gotta love some Rick James & Teena Marie (R.I.P.)!

Now Luther Vandross surely had a way of ‘wooing’ in his songs! If only this world were mine… What I’d do!

How many would really go ‘through the fire’ for love? I haven’t found a man yet I’d go through the fire for… YET!’


Well, I had one more than usual, but I’m a sucker for love songs!! Old school slow jams top the 90’s any day! This was when music was real music. People sang with feeling and emotion. Now just about everything talks about or refers to sex… Hope this one brought back some good memories for some folks. Thanks for all your support and keeping current with my blog!!