Yes, I’m rather late being that it’s almost midnight; but here it goes:

I hate it when…

~ I swipe my debit card in the store and its declined. I HAVE money in my account!

~ I have to clean up other people’s mess. Especially grown folks!

~ I have to compromise when I really don’t want to.

~ I email someone and don’t get a response back.

~ I need my hair done and am too lazy to really do it or too broke to go get it done.

~ I remember to do something (like call someone) after its too late – b/c they’re closed.

~ I think I have extra money to do something for myself and I remember a necessary bill I have to pay.

~ Someone calls and asks for a number but then has to ask me to wait until they find a pen.

~ People ask questions that they really already know the answers to.

~ Someone talks down to me like I’m an idiot.

~ I have to repeat myself several times.

Simple this week… But that’s all until next week. Hope you all enjoyed getting “over the hump”!