To give love to someone.

To receive the same love back in return.

To love unconditionally, but with conditions at the same time.

Loving selfishly with no ulterior motives.

I loved you because it was always the thing to do.

Not out of obligation or commitment.

Not out of pressure or false hopes of something ‘more’.

Finding a love that fit our situation.

Knowing that the subtle changes were ever-present.

Loving you because not loving you was never an option.

Loving you more for me than for you.

But loving you for you in essence of you loving me for you.

Loving you to fill a void.

I love you for who you are to me.

You loved me, but why so?

For me to lose myself in the moment?

To hope for more of something that could never be?

Loving selfishly because I want what I want.

Us. To be together.

In a way we have not been able to be together.

Free from walls and tables and stares.

Able to laugh and joke and reminisce

For more than just a little while.

I see my love for you has not been selfish.

I’ve loved more for you than for me.

And maybe loving you from a distance works better.

Maybe the whole time the one I was loving selfishly

Was me. Never you the way I first thought.

Holding on to what could be in loving you.

Seeing something that was never actually there.

But imagined.

Made up in my mind of thoughts and wonder.

Of a time we lost loving each other so long ago.

Time we can no longer get back.

Loving you unselfishly

I guess means letting you go.