“Love everyone; regardless of their ethnicity.”

We talk a lot about love and how everyone should be treated equally. Its more difficult for some than it is for others to truly ‘love thy neighbor’. Whatever our ethnicity, we shouldn’t look to love someone just because they share the same skin color that we do. However you want to twist it, it’s prejudicial and racist to dislike or hate someone just because of their ethnic or cultural background. The Bible says at Matthew 22:39 to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (NIV) I didn’t read anywhere in there, to love your neighbor because he or she is Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Latino, etc… It plainly says to love your neighbor as yourself, period. So that’s my motto for today. I can say though that Jesus died for one specific race above all the others… And that is the human race. No matter what color, he died for me, and he died for you. Have a blessed rest of the day and rest of the week!

This image lists different categories, I guess you could say of neighbors to love, but overall, love everyone because Christ commanded it.