~Also written by my brother, Joseph~

It occurred to me at some point in my life that I was conditioned to be overly sensitive to emotional situations of one kind, and completely indifferent to others. But at no time can I recall a healthy state of emotions. I’ve always felt strongly, or not at all.

A great many of my decisions have been led by emotions, but emotion is not a tool of cognition. I never noticed that all my life I was being taught what to think, and was never taught how to think. You know, logical and rational thinking. The foundation on which the “what” was based, on belief and faith, left no room for rational consideration. So it became a bad habit to not actually think, but feel. Habit is the strongest thing known intimately to man.

In my youth there were a few sci-fi films depicting robots that united and took over the world. The robots were just computerized humans. What is the difference between a robot that is programmed to operate a certain way, and an actual man who is taught to think, view, and perceive a certain way? The difference is that the man is real, and in the real role he plays in real life he is a mere extra. His self-worth isn’t of his own making, because who he is can’t be defined by him. His mind can’t author a standard of value that comes from whatever it is he thinks, but he doesn’t think; he feels and believes. He just reads or recites the script that was given to him.

A rapper once said, “and what’s worse is if I put it in a verse, y’all will listen to some bullshit first.” The “it” he speaks of is the truth. But not the truth by definition, because that is: 4. A statement proven to be or (accepted) to be true, but the true results of cognition in its purest form, unadulterated by what the masses accept to be true.

Just like I was taught to think (feel) that “normal” kids are raised by their Mother and Father, that it was their obligation to provide for, love, and support their offspring; but that is not the truth. The government of this society, the scriptwriters; the same people who saw to it that I was taught to think (feel) this way, came up with the right to abandonment and abortion. If these are “rights”, how can there be any obligation? No one is obligated to anyone. My obligation is to me.

As this society would have or has it, to exercise your “right”to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will only lead to feelings of guilt.

The truth hurts, that is accepted to be true. Although the “truth” doesn’t hurt, what hurts is, to find that you’ve been emotionally tied to a lie.

Thought I’d add a little something from my good friend John Skywalker in here on truth: “Its one thing to speak the truth, but your wise if you LIVE the truth.”