~Written by my brother, Joseph~

The misery portrayed in the portrait of my existence is too much for latent minds to deal with. While I remain dormant with my mental capacity and superficial interpersonally, I am only a permutation of personality. The things that have been done to me, I’ve done, and will do; can by no means be worthily deemed new. So my misery evokes no sympathy on a world, which already witnessed the tumultuous plight of my mundane existence.

Yet when the night falls and the day begins, I rehearse live the script that was for me written. If I were to step outside the lines to attain the highest high, the powers that be would still regard me as nothing to feel threatened by. To proliferate my powers deep into generations to come, would only distort the vigor from whence they come. For an average man’s subjectivity will not allow him to view, the depth nor deceit in a simple yet complex “I Love You.” To dig deep into the past, to feel the pain, which wrought you, is beyond the threshold few volitions go through.

So I continue to be finite in the midst of infinity.