Don’t be a social media saint.”

Today we use social media for so many things. Friendships, relationships, networking, etc. Some people like to give opinions and tell stories; others like to give words of encouragement. I see no problem with any of these things. What I wonder though is how many of the people who post a scripture from the Bible or a “prayer” on their facebook page, actually pray to and talk to God in private? Some people, to me, just do too much. Does facebookland really have to know everything you pray to God for? Because it seems as though every other post is saying something like “Lord I know if you’ve brought me to it, you will see me through it’, or “Lord I thank you for waking me up this morning and starting me on my way”. I mean keep some of it between you and God.


Its short and sweet; rather late today, but I’ve had a lot going on… Until tomorrow!