Today the kids and I had a good ol’ time together. We laughed and had fun. Two new card games I’ve bought in the last month or so I decided to break them out and play. The first one I just bought only a few days ago, Scrabble Slam! We only played it once because it did seem to be a bit of a challenge for them. It says ages 8 and up, well my daughter is 7 and she did ok, but maybe with more practice, she’ll get better. The object of the game is to start out with one 4 letter word and the remaining cards are evenly disbursed. Each person has to think fast and change-up the word with the letters in their hand one letter at a time… One letter at a time… That’s where my kids wanted to make their own rule and use two letter cards to change the word. It was funny! But for older kids I would certainly recommend it for a fun family time game.

The other game I got a few weeks ago and we only attempted to play it once. It’s called Phase 10. Its made by the makers of UNO and I learned how to play it when I went to a conference for work on our “down time”. Its ages 7 and up and it is quite challenging. Well, somewhat because as long as they follow what it says for the phase they’re on, they will do fine. The point of this game is to get through each phase (1-10). If someone does not complete a phase before the end of the round, they have to play the same phase until they complete it. The less points you have, the better because whoever has the least points at the end of phase 10 wins. All the cards have point values: Wild – which can be used as anything is worth 25 points, a Skip is worth 15 points, 10-12 are all worth 10 points each and 1-9 are worth 5 points each. So if someone completes the phase before anyone else does or even just one person, the person still left with 10 cards in their hand is going to have a lot of points added to their total! Overall it was a fun game and they’re looking forward to playing again…

What games do you like to play with your kids and family?