Yet another writing by my brother, Joseph. I have to admit that he’s probably more into creative writing than I am. Although, he does have a lot more time to do so than I do.

On almost a daily basis, I come in contact with a modern day slave. A slave to a mentality not his own. A slave who will read, never question, and use the Bible to rationalize every injustice he falls victim to.

Being content with a fundamental ability to read, the slave places no value in the ability to comprehend, analyze, or even use common sense.

The slave, being taught what to think, accepted not knowing how to think for himself. This fact fights vigorously against his nature and creates in him an ever-growing sea of confusion, conflict, and contradiction.

You can never trust such a man, for his ways cannot be justified even to himself.

Such a man has no strength, not one ounce of determination, and is always dependent upon the mercy of a force he placed above himself without any knowledge of it ever existing. It is needless to state that this man is weak.

This slave relinquishes his power to all who will exploit his unwarranted humility. His kind is so great that most women assume the masculine role in their relationships with men of this mindset. He is a homosexual by the laws of nature. No male species ever has so willingly accepted the role or position of a female ever. At best he will attempt to maintain physical strength, but even that can last but so long and only gets you so far.

All knowledge must be based on an understanding of self! The slave is emotionally unstable, because of his unrelenting worship and humility, which defies every law of nature.

His Bible in 1 John 1:1 states “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

It is through words that one can bend another into his will, and it is through mere word that so many have become enslaved.