Here we go with another I hate it when… Wednesday blog post!

I hate it when…

~ I see people post things on facebook that have God and a curse word in the same sentence; I mean could you be any more disrespectful?!

~ People stare at me. It’s just rude!

~ Someone says, “Have you lost weight?”. Uh, no, thank you very much, I have not! When I do, you will notice and won’t have to ask.

~ I go through the drive thru and they don’t give me something I ordered… Like my drink! (True story, just happened yesterday)

~ People who are supposed to be a part of a group just take over everything. Like what are we in this group for if only one person is going to “call the shots” or make decisions? Now I remember why I never liked working in groups in school!

~ Facebook continuously makes changes to the site. I mean, if it’s not broke, quit trying to fix it or make it “better”. We like it fine the way it is… or was.

~ My kids run the water in the bathroom sink while washing their face or brushing their teeth! Seems like every morning I have to yell, “Why are you running that WATERRR??!!!” They know I can’t stand that!

~ People ask me to do something and get mad when I forget… Hey, I’m only human and I do have a thousand other things running through my brain a day, so forgive me if I forget to do something for you that wasn’t on my original to-do list for the day.

~ Folks tell me to smile or cheer up! UGH!! I definitely hate that one! If I walked around all day with a smile on my face people would think I was crazy! But since I have a simple “this is my everyday expression” look on my face, I have to be having a bad day? Uh, no!

~ People ask me how old I am and when I tell them they say “For real? I thought you were older than that!” Really? Well thanks for basically telling me I look old!

~ Folks constantly change their relationship status on facebook. One day they’re in a relationship, the next they’re single, single then in a relationship… Really?! Like just leave it off until you find someone and you’ve been with em at least six solid months and then change your status!! Make sure its real instead of being so wishy-washy. And the people who leave little stupid comments on the status change make it even worse! Smh.

Well… I think that’s plenty for one day. Guess I’ll get myself ready for this work day. One day I’m going to be at a point where I can sit at home all day and do nothing and still make money! I won’t be on welfare, and I don’t play the lotto, so more likely than not it will be when I retire and start drawing my social security! HA!! Have a great hump day, all!