A poem written by my brother back in ’09…

Good-bye, prison! So long. I’m gone.
Some call it home, so sad indeed.
Too long walks, on roads that were wrong;
In error the wants became needs.
Long has this been, forever to be;
But not another day for me.

Good-bye to white shirts and blue pants;
To recreation at a glance;
Lost potential with hopes to die;
To lifeless eyes and silent cries,
To broken pacts to someday meet,
And showers far too indiscreet
Numbers we’ve been. Faceless unknowns.
Good-bye, prison! So long. I’m gone.

I’m going to where I should’ve been.
Alone with female companion.
A private place with satin and lace.
To concentrate on beauty’s face.
Nights become days and then forever
Reenter? Too soon is never!
Shells of men who’ve lost long ago;
A life to live, they’ll never know.