I miss you without having had you. From your image I suffer and don’t even have to. But it’s you. I want to. Desire this miserable is beyond that of mortals. For the pain grows by the seconds while dragging as if by century. While hell hath its fury its not close to this misery. Misery I cling to so dearly.

For it is all I’m feeling, while only you occupy my thinking. No scale can measure what I feel from your touch, or the thought of as much. Oh, how I want it so much! For your sake this is cruelty, but it is not enough. The only Heaven, your presence. My own prison, our distance.

I’ll walk miles for your smile, accept any conditions. Once I have you I’ll have life, for the present is mere existence. The life of a champion. Your cause and your mission. From this to the Apex of Perfection. In your hands I am clay.

At this time I must sleep. Tomorrow I suffer another day.

Another from my brother ~Joseph Walters~