Ok. So when we hear the phrase ‘the system’ a couple of things come to mind. The justice system for one; the school system is another. But the system I am referring to and writing about here is the child protective services; department of family and children services; the administration for children’s services, or whatever it may be called in your respective areas. Here where I live its DFCS – Department of Family and Children Services.

They seem backwards to me. They help the people who don’t want to get out and work, they keep having babies every year or every other year just to get an increase on their food stamps. Its like what help does the hard working person get? None! I’m not knocking anyone who gets public assistance who needs it. But there are so many people who take advantage and get away with it. There’s this lady I know who gets over a thousand dollars in food stamps and sells over 3/4 of them every month. But never has money to pay her bills, which aren’t that much because she gets assistance with her rent so its like $25…maybe $50! Actually quit her job when it was time for her to do her food stamp review so that she wouldn’t have to report her income and risk a decrease in her stamps!! I mean what is this world coming to?! When will grown people get a sense of responsibility and integrity about themselves?!

The caption under the picture says it all.

I’m just really disgusted with the system and the way they operate. The main reason I decided to write on this particular subject is because of children being taken from their mothers. Mothers who work hard, aren’t out here doing things they have no business, doing all they can to take care of their children. But then you have these mothers who should not even be graced with the title of mother, who don’t work, don’t take care of their kids the way they’re supposed to be taken care of and they keep their kids. Even in situations where DFCS is called on these unfit parents, they “investigate” but nothing is really done. I know of someone right now who should not have custody of any of her four children. She is so unfit until it is pathetic. Calling DFCS does no good because her case worker doesn’t follow up. And who suffers? The children! Its so sad and its mind boggling how they can let such things go on.

Children don't get to pick their mothers... But they do love them.

I don’t have the thick skin to do the type of work child protective service workers have to do. I could not rip a child from his/her mother’s arms kicking and screaming like its no big thing. I’m a big cry baby and I can’t stand to see others in pain (physical or emotional) and I know I couldn’t handle that type of work. But something must be done to right the wrongs that have been and are being done. I don’t know what, when, or how, but somehow, someway, something must be done. Because of one accusation, a good parent loses a good name, their children, their dignity; all in the blink of an eye. But the children who are truly suffering at the hands of an unfit, neglectful, could care less kind of mother, they stay. They’re there day in and day out seeing things children should never see, looking after younger siblings instead of being a child themselves, going without food or clean clothes, no bath, hair a mess. It saddens me so… I can’t even bear to think about it or write anything further about it. The system needs a change and fast!