This blog post I read the other day was so funny, I just had to re-post it. You can read it by clicking here.

The reason that it was funny to me is because as a woman, I don’t really think much about matching up my panties and bras. I mean, who has time to be that particular? It was a pretty hilarious to me, especially the part where she says “…fear that one day I will have to get my clothes cut off by paramedics and be wearing appalling knickers.” I couldn’t stop laughing because I’ve thought about that before too. I mean, just what if (God forbid) you get into an accident where you have to be rushed to the emergency room and they have to strip you – and we know they will literally cut your clothing off of you if its bad – and you have on disgraceful and distasteful underwear?! I just thought this one was worth sharing!