I should’ve done this fabulous Friday post way earlier today, but my thoughts were clouded once I found out one of my classmates was brutally murdered late last night (early this morning). I couldn’t think of what was so fabulous about today seeing that the Colquitt County High School class of 2000 lost one of their own. He was someone’s son, someone’s brother… How can people unconscionably take the life of someone who never messed with anybody; was laid back and really just a cool dude?! More and more we see people just lose total and utter respect for human life and how precious it is. Twenty-nine years old and his life is gone. In an instant. Over money. He didn’t deserve that. 😦 No human being does.

Gone but never forgotten! You will live on in our hearts and memories. R.I.P.

I hope to have something ‘fabulous’ for my readers next week!