I have a book of poetry that I wrote and worked on for a time period of about 5 years. It consists of a little under one hundred poems. (90 to be exact) I thought I’d pull out a couple and post them here… Just brings back some memories and I hope whoever takes the time to read this enjoys them.


A lonely heart
And dreary eyes
But what they say to me
Is a mystery.
I think I know,
But then again, I don’t.
Who’s to say?
Not I.
Listen is what I’ll do.
To the tears that fall from your eyes.
A silent cry full of pain.
Lost in desire…


When I think of you
It puts my heart at ease
To know that I can love
Whichever way I please.

When my thoughts include you,
My heart is filled with desire.
Built up like the roaring flames
Of a warm and cozy fire.

When my heart longs for you,
And then I hear your name
I will never have to worry
About sadness, heartache or pain.

When I look into your eyes
I know that love is true.
And now that I’ve found my love,
I know exactly what to do.

When I am with you
And you hold me in your arms
I have not a care in the world
For you will shield me from all harm.

When love is an important factor,
And trust is my second choice,
I know that I can have both
At the sound of your sweet voice.

When you call me on the phone
Just to say hi, or to converse,
We say what’s on our minds,
With no need to rehearse.

When nothing else matters
Except the one you cherish
The love shared between us
Will never have to perish.


My heart was searching
For someone to love.
My arms were searching
For someone to hold.
My mind was searching
For someone to teach me.
When I found no one,
My soul found pain.