I can’t fault you

I used to be you.

Did the things most would never do.

Sat back holding on to what was lost.

Wondering why,

Asking when is it gonna get better

When will I feel that natural high?

Remembering the hurt and all the lies,

Trying to believe in and trust him.

Never imagined I’d be here in this place

Wasting my time, crowding my space.

Throwing fault and blame

In every direction except my own.

Pitiful sight to see I was

Dismissing the signs I was shown.

So now I see you doing the ‘me’.

Lying to yourself,

Saying things are copacetic.

Look at you, just pathetic.

But like I said in the beginning,

I can’t fault you

I used to be you.

So glad that I’ve grown.

Proud that I’ve changed.

I’m not that person.

I’ll never be the same.