One of the radio shows I listen to on Wednesdays has this segment called “I hate it when… Wednesday”. People call in and finish up the sentence: I hate it when… I’m sure you get the point. Well today, being Wednesday, I thought I’d start my own I hat it when… Wednesday blog post. And I’m not going to have just one, I’m going to have quite a few.

I hate it when…

~ I’m driving down the road and someone stops short ahead of me for no apparent reason.

~ I go through the drive thru at a restaurant and before I can finish my order the person taking the order keeps saying “anything else” or “will that be all” without even giving me a chance to THINK about whether or not I even want something else!

~ People zoom passed me going down the road only to turn off at like the next block. I mean really, they burned out more gas accelerating to pass me than they would have if they would’ve just stayed behind me.

~ Someone asks me something and then they question my answer or response. Okay, if you knew, then why did you ask me?!

~ I call somebody on the phone and ask them what they are doing and they say ‘nothing’, but I can hardly carry on the conversation for everything else under the sun that is going on in the background around them.

~ People come in my office and start off with “I hate to bother you…” Uh, no you don’t, because if you did, you wouldn’t.

~ People call me on the phone and just start rambling off some randomness instead of getting straight to the point of what they called about or who they need to speak with.

~ I come to a four way stop and the people that got there before me just sit there looking dazed and confused… GO!!!

~ People call the office and don’t want to give a reference to what they’re calling about… They just wanna say “It’s personal.” Like, what?!!

~ People out in public look at me like they know me, but don’t speak. Like, HEEEYYYYY!!!

~ People act like you owe them something. Get real!

~ Someone asks me to do something for them and then when I need something they have an attitude.

~ Somebody calls and asks for the number to whatever and when I start to give it to them they say, wait let me get a pen… Really?!! You called to ask for a phone number (this isn’t 411) and then you’re not ready to copy the number down? UGH!

Well that’s all for this Wednesday. Maybe with all the happenings of life over the next week I will have more to write about on next week’s “I Hate it When…” Wednesday.