We will never forget.

We shall never be the same.

Loved ones who have perished

Never to see their faces again.

Smoke, smog, soot  and debris

Covered the streets and filled the skies.

Frantic overload all about

From those who could not believe their eyes.

Tears of pain and disbelief,

Cries of grief and dismay,

Whether directly or indirectly affected,

The US will never forget the day.

The day our lives changed forever.

When we became a more prayerful nation.

Talking more, loving more, one another

Having more respect for God’s creations.

Knowing how terrorism has touched us all

Gives us little hope and even less peace.

So many lives lost that day

But we pray for the families of the deceased.

Every year, like clockwork, we remember.

We take time out to give tribute

To face the truth of the tragedy from those moments,

We recall every detail, however minute.

No account of memory will be the same.

After ten years, it’s now time to rebuild and restore.

Although we shall never forget the day,

That changed our nation – our lives, forevermore.