I met this guy a little over a year ago. He has been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I don’t believe that anything happens by ‘chance’. Everything has a place and a time. Everyone has a predestined purpose. Well I won’t mention him by name because as he reads this, he will know that this is about him. He’s different. He’s unique and intelligent. Well versed, and very charismatic. He sees the world differently. He’s destined for greatness; this I believe wholeheartedly. His words are wise and his truth is just that… The truth. He holds nothing back. He’s blunt and direct but not rude. He’s poetic, thoughtful and caring. Giving and understanding. He makes me laugh, he puts a smile on my face bigger and brighter than anyone ever has before. Just thinking of him as I write this, I can’t help but smile to know how great he is and what him being in my life has done for me spiritually & emotionally.

The first conversation we had he said something to me that stuck and he has proven it to be true: “I don’t know it all, but I know a lil about a lot….and when it comes to knowledge of love (and wisdom), I’m fairly fruitful in that department.” He is very fruitful in the department of love – and wisdom. He helped me get over a past relationship where I allowed myself to fall really low. I was upset and couldn’t understand why this man I loved, who I thought loved me would treat me the way that he did. But my friend helped me to see a brighter side to my sob story. He said that nothing on this Earth is eternal. Nothing is going to last forever while we are here. And that I should focus less on how I thought things should have been, or how hurt I felt, and more on the temporary happiness that he brought into my life. Because don’t get me wrong, I was happy. We had a good time while together, it just ended badly and I was very hurt. The perspective of this special man that I have in my life helped me to view my situation in a different light.

I said he is well versed! Man is that the understatement of the century! He has a way with words that I have never seen, I mean EVER! I can recall him encouraging me to write and to post my writings online. I’ve considered that before but never really followed through. Although I did start an associated content page a few years ago and posted my poems and stories and such on it but that only lasted for a short time.  He said “Artistic integrity is a way of life”, that I shouldn’t worry about plagiarism because its unavoidable – not even a copyright can protect me from someone who wants to use my work. Its been a while since I’ve written anything poetic. And as I began to write the last poem I posted just today remembering 9/11, the words just flowed like I had never stopped. I was encouraged to reignite the flame of my passion for writing by this wonderful, gorgeous man, and I feel like a piece of me that was somewhat empty is now filled. I always make time for other people and other things. I need to take time out for ME and the things that I enjoy. For as long as I can remember I have loved to read and write poems and stories. My creativity peaked at a very early age. He inspires me to push myself to the limit. To never give up on my passion and my ability to inspire others.

Now to the love part of this post. I kinda got off on something…else. A different kind of love… What do I mean by that? Well the love I have for this man is not like a love that some would think a woman would have for a man, but special in its own way. Its love not because of what he does for me but what he brings to my life. Joy, happiness, knowledge, wisdom, meekness, perspective… All these things were not as evident in my life before him. They were present, yes, but not on the level that they are now that I know him. He lets me in in a way that he’s never done with any other female (at least not one he’s never been intimate with). I appreciate this about him. He understands me and I undersand him. We ‘get’ each other in more ways than one. So in a sense I do love him unlike I’ve ever loved any other man. No intimacy involved, no lies, no strings; just love. Of a unique and special kind. Love without conditions, without expectations and without limits.