I don’t know why I let the talk about the shooting death of Walter Peterson upset me. I don’t know why so many people are taking this personally as if they knew this man… I mean really KNEW him. Not just saw him around and knew his name and where he lived. The community is so ‘outraged’ but who really was there for him before all this ever happened? A lot of what you will read here is hearsay, but that’s what many others are spreading anyways. Not too many facts, just what they heard.

They say the man was not in his right mind; that he had some mental issues. I also ‘heard’ that he was on medication, but had not taken it in over two weeks. Who was supposed to be seeing about him and making sure he was on his medication, taking it properly. Let me throw this in right quick. I don’t wish for anyone to lose their life. Wrong is wrong in every sense of the word and when you don’t submit to police authority, you run the risk of getting yourself either hurt or killed. Especially when you act in a threatening manner, and with a weapon no less. Ok so now that that’s out of the way, back to what I was saying. There’s a great possibility that this man wasn’t being seen about properly by those who were supposed to be caring for him. If so, where were they??!

Ok so now on to the nonsense that people keep posting on facebook. They say he was killed for throwing a brick through a store window. Yes, he did throw a brick/rock through the store window where he felt he was cheated out of some money. No, he was NOT killed because of this. They say he did not have a weapon. Since when is a knife, being wielded in a threatening manner, NOT considered a weapon? One “concerned citizen” stated to the newspaper reporter that “Peterson was not a threat while inside the house, and the entry and shooting were senseless…” First of all, he broke the law. No one is disputing that fact. Everyone says he broke the window at the store. THAT ITSELF IS A CRIME! The police had every right to go to his home to question him about the incident. But when he comes to the door with a butcher knife what exactly do people expect these police officers to do?? One “family member” stated, “All they had to do is let 1 of us in talk to him and everything would have been ight he was scared and they should have respected his condition”… Ok, as far as I know, they did try to get one of his family members to talk to him along with another individual, but it was no use. He would not listen, he would not submit. How else should they have ‘respected his condition’? The standoff lasted for almost two hours! They had to bring the incident to a close. He should have respected the police presence in the very beginning and none of this would ever have happened. Oh and one last one… This one tops them all: “To every black police in Moultrie put on your uniform and stop by Luke Strong and Son Morturay and take a look at would could have been u r one of your family members and ask yourself WHY. Because most of you where on the scene trying to keep others @ bay while them devils went in and killed your cousin,brother,uncle,or just a friend.Its time you understand that you r being compensated with money that has your fellow brothers blood on it.” Like, are you kidding me right now? When this same individual (who posted this comment) needed help from the police department to organize a peace rally for the senseless murder of a young black man by another young black man, he was so humble and gracious to the police… Of course he wanted something THEN. But now that the tables are turned, so to speak, and an officer of the law takes the life of a man who could have just as well taken the life of he himself, or one of his comrades, he’s against the police and all offended and ‘hurt’. PLEASE! Give me a break!! (I just wanna scream!)

Seeing that the investigation is still ongoing, I don’t want to get too deep into anything that I shouldn’t be saying or posting, but I will say this: the vast majority of police officers do what they do not for the money (because believe me, the pay ain’t all that great) but for the experience and love of their job. They get into such a profession because they want to help people, they want to make a difference. They’re not out to wrong people and arrest people unjustly, or write a hundred citations a day to meet some quota. When a husband is beating a wife in front of their children, who do you think that woman is going to call for help? When a single mother with two small children awakens to hear someone breaking into her home in the middle of the night, who is she going to call? When a man wakes up to leave for work in the morning to find that his car tires have been slashed and his window has been busted out, who is he going to call? When a child goes missing and the parents are frantic and upset, who are they going call? When someone is robbed on the street at gunpoint, once they gather their thoughts, who do you think they are going to call? When you need them, they are there, no hesitation, no second guessing. They do what they must do to help make the communities they serve better places. The gratitude they are shown is so minimal until it is pathetic. When people don’t get the responses they think they should get they complain; call officers everything but a child of God. What is a policeman? Let Paul Harvey tell you in the video below…

To conclude I just want to say that I don’t feel the shooting was unjustified. I feel that the police reacted in the proper manner for the situation. They killed this man only as a last resort. They tried other means of subduing him but failed. They had no other choice than to do what they did… These police officers get out here everyday never knowing what can happen to them on any ‘routine’ call. And for what? A gutless, shameless, ungrateful community who could care less if they live or die! Its a sad, sad shame and I am appalled! But in a sense I can’t be surprised because as much as we as black people cry racism at every situation imaginable, we are some of the most racist people of all. Not everything is about black and white. And this situation particularly, is not! Its simply about right and wrong; and whether people want to admit it or not, God rest his soul, Walter Wayne Peterson was just wrong. There’s no disputing that. In his right mind, crazy, or whatever people wanna say about his mindset, he was wrong, and that’s just the cold hard truth. I’m sorry he died in the manner that he did, but what would you – any of you – have done in any one of those officers’ shoes??!!!! Please tell me so I can better understand your frustrations. PLEASE!