Why can’t men just be honest? Why is it they feel the need to lie and manipulate? I learned from a male friend of mine that its not for me to understand, but I wish I did. Some men have these hidden agendas that they feel must remain hidden. They don’t want to be open and honest with you. They feel they must have their cake and eat it too. Well what if I want my cake and eat it too as well? Oh, of course then there’s gotta be something wrong with me. I can’t just be one of those girls who wants to have a good time with no strings attached… I gotta be missing something or longing for something more when sometimes I need less. I think its Safe Auto whose slogan is “when the minimum is all you want…” Sometimes I don’t need all the EXTRAS! Sometimes I just want the bare minimum and be done. And hey, what’s so wrong with that?

Facebook is growing each day with more users. The last two relationships I had were with people I basically “met” through facebook. (Note to self: Don’t date anyone else you haven’t met personally, in person, though you’ve chatted with them on facebook!) But on the bright side, I did find a pretty decent male friend who I have grown to love and care for dearly. He opens my eyes up to so much…MORE! We’ve been friends now for a little over a year and he is such a blessing. Its hard to describe. In all the years I’ve been grown and dealing with men of all kinds, I’ve never met someone as articulate, intellectual and spiritual as he is. He makes me look at my world from a different perspective. I understand him and he understands me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a friendship with a man quite like the one we have.

Well that took a total turn from what I initially started this post about. I don’t despise men or anything. I just don’t understand their thoughts and actions or motivations sometimes. Most times when relationships end, the woman wants to still remain in contact with the man; sometimes as a security blanket type of need, and sometimes just until they find someone else to take their mind off of that someone who was once ‘special’ who brought a moment of happiness into their lives. I’ve come to realize though that when a man says he still wants to remain in contact with the woman its not because he feels they could still be friends, or that he likes her personality so much that he just wants to remain a part of her life (because if that were the case, the relationship would not have ended) but more so that he still wants to enjoy the ‘goodies’. MOST times, I say; not all, because there may be some men out there who genuinely value their exes friendship, company and conversation. They for some reason or another just cannot maintain a relationship with that person.

Well I guess I will end this session of randomness and occupy my time elsewhere… Until next time!