Here I am again… Doing the blog thing. I’m Josie! I was born in 1982 on April the 10th. It was a Sunday. I have a twin brother who was born minutes before me that I love dearly. I have three beautiful children who I cherish and adore. They are my AIR – Literally. The first initial in each of their names spell AIR. I didn’t do that on purpose, but I think it fits. They are the reason I breathe every day. I enjoy writing and reading poetry. I haven’t done a lot of either lately because of my busy schedule. Although I thought to myself a few days ago that I used to really love to write. I wanted to get back into the groove of writing and what better way than to start a new blog?!

I am gainfully employed as an Administrative Coordinator (fancy name for Secretary) and have been in that position since 2007. Before I was promoted to my current position, I was in a different position at my job which I began working at in 2005. I like my job, I enjoy what I do. I get to experience things many people would never even think of in their jobs. I plan to go back to school in January. I just have to get a few things straight concerning my financial aid. I’ve had several setbacks which have kept me from completing a two year degree which I have been working on for almost four years now. Its pitiful I know, but being a full-time mom and a full-time secular employee, when trying to go to school ONLINE, its tough! I can do it though, and I will. I hope whoever takes the time to read my blog enjoys it and can gain some type of insight from it.

Happy reading! And feel free to comment and give your input, opinions and or suggestions.